Ministry and Outreach

Destiny Uganda-School of Ministry consists of a combination of classroom teaching and also hands on ministry. All those that are enrolled in the certificate class program must be active at some level serving their local church.

Throughout the school term, there will be various functions, conferences and outreach programs. Each student will be required to participate in some capacity. There will also be opportunities for students to receive extra credit points that will result in rewards being handed out for the highest point totals at the end of the school term.

Ahava Outreach Program is something we are developing that will play a major role in the effectiveness in the program. Ahava is the Hebrew word for love, and we express that in solving ongoing problems at a household family level. Serving the beneficiaries in love helps open their hearts to receive God’s gift of salvation that is offered through the preaching of the gospel. This program is a training tool for students to be able to serve their communities, minister and develop ongoing relationships with families and households within their communities.

Destiny Uganda-School of Ministry has developed an original and unique program that is a win-win for everyone involved. The program involves the treatment of pit latrines with Effective Microorganisms. The EM product literally eats the waste, including the dangerous pathogens. The product is natural and does not harm humans or animals. Pit latrines are at the core of the problems with so many becoming sick all over Uganda. They are the reason many of the water tables are contaminated causing typhoid. One well usually services hundreds of people. The major benefit of the program involves the reduction of sickness and disease at its root cause through the treatment of the waste in pit latrines.

By giving and partnership from those who want to sow into this gospel outreach program, we are able to develop relationships with many in the small rural villages. When the villagers realize that we bring with us a solution to a major problem they have been trying to solve for years, we are welcomed with open arms and hearts. This becomes an open door to share the good news of Jesus Christ through conferences and crusades that are attached to the pit latrine program. This is all done through Destiny Uganda-School of Ministry.

A simple demonstration of what we do swings the door wide open through the demonstration of the love of God through this program. They are able to witness the elimination of foul smells, benefit from the elimination of dangerous sickness causing pathogens, see the greatly reduced amount of flies and mosquitoes and witness the naturally reduced amount of waste in the pit latrine literally within a few weeks. Also, new pits don’t have to be dug nearly as often. Many can’t can't afford to dig new latrines. This also gives us an opportunity to teach and train the people in regards to better sanitation practices that promote better health.

For every $100 in support for the ministry we receive through love offerings, a pit latrine that is commonly used by a few households is treated. That means possibly 10 to 20 people or more could be protected from dangerous sickness causing pathogens per pit latrine treatment. This also an ongoing program so it's not just a short term fix. This gift also helps subsidize the school cost for those who live in outlying areas that suffer the most from poverty. Financial gifts help with the cost for paper, printing of the school books, toner, book binding, school staff, and administrative costs. Our partnering outreach ministries then will be responsible for following up monthly visits to the families to service the pit with EM products and to check on the households that use the pit latrine. This will give them an opportunity for times of ministry, starting bible studies and in helping disciple new converts.